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There are a number of factors that require consideration during the metal folding process in order to accurately produce a folded steel component. The skill and experience of the operator, the quality of tooling, the accuracy of the machine, and of course the correct information to begin with.

Our team of customer service and technical estimators understand this application intimately and are here to assist. By engaging at the planning stage, we’re able to know whether or not we can achieve your expectation. This allows the team to find a solution that meets the required folding outcome.

Unique Metals Laser have a team of skilled, trained and experienced pressbrake operators. The care taken in producing your product is evident in the quality of the completed item.


The quality of the tooling used has a significant impact in the end result of a folded product. For that reason, Unique Metals Laser utilise stone radius tooling – which spreads the load impact and significantly reduces the evidence marks on the end component. We take care and invest heavily in keeping our tooling in the best possible condition to ensure accuracy and quality of the component that you receive.

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Capability &

With respect to the machinery, our metal folding capabilities are extensive. However, it is very important to be sure that that the part is achievable prior to beginning – therefore, we have offline technology that enables Unique Metals Laser to check the design and simulate the folding process dependant on each piece of machinery at any site.

This technology allows us to share the information from one site to the next, to be able to produce any part at any location in the country with precise accuracy first time. There are few folding challenges that we can’t overcome, so please discuss your requirements and we will work with you on finding a solution to achieve your desired outcome.

Investing in the best machinery

Even the very best operators benefit from using the latest technology which has been our investment focus. These world’s leading European pressbrakes are fitted with a laser camera for angle measurement and correction. This technology reads the folded angle at 220 frames per second. It automatically makes the adjustments to the folding action in real time to ensure a perfect fold every time. By utilising this technology across all of our locations we are able to accurately repeat many parts or replicate any part at any site in Australia.

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%Unique Metals Laser Cutting%

Easy-Form Technology


Unique Metals Laser utilise press break machines offering a wide range of folding capabilities to suit our clients requirements. We have the added benefit of using such technology such as the Easy-Form process. This process delivers top-of-the-line performance – high accuracy and productivity. This uniQue bending technology offers a in-process angle correction system. By monitoring the angle of the bend in real time it provides instant feedback to the TOUCH-B control. This ensures that each part is formed to the correct angle from the very first bend.

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