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Turret Punching Solutions

We’re able to provide Turret punching services which is the perfect complimentary process to laser cutting. High processing of thin materials without any heat allows us to effectively produce high – quality products.

The ability to form parts using our extensive library of tools means we can both perforate and form a single part extremely accurately. Emboss forming tools allows us to add features to parts such as louvres, stand offs, locks for nuts etc. without the need for secondary handling.


As with other applications, the quality of the tooling used has a significant impact of the end result. For that reason, Unique Metals Laser utilise only the highest quality of tooling, which are maintained to stringent standards to ensure tool sharpness and product quality. Our tooling library is large and encompasses tools for many applications. We regularly invest in new tooling depending on specific requirements.

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Capability &

Turret Punching Capability

Unique Metals Laser understand the changing needs of industry and have adapted our capabilities to accommodate these requirements. This allows us to find solutions for the most demanding designs and sheet metal manufacturing solutions.

Our turret punching machinery can be programmed during the cutting design phase to run multiple jobs simultaneously – reducing material waste, labour cost and production time.

Investing in the best machinery

In order to maximise the efficiency we utilise offline programming which provides both sheet utilisation and program efficiency. The machinery is also fully automated through the use of a material storage tower and a load-unload robot, which stacks and packs completed parts. As a result Unique Metals Laser can limit the impact of human error – but more importantly, we are able to ensure the highest degree of efficiency and output to reduce the cost per part to the customer.

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Turret Punching Technology


Unique Metals Laser are also able to provide a turret punch process utilising the latest technology offering high capacity, highly flexible processing. Using a versatile turret station – it’s able to reduce set-up time to keep throughput high, no matter the application.

The turret punch process can be more energy efficient than competitive offerings for certain applications. This technology allows further diversity to our range of capabilities.

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