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Unique Metals Laser is Australia’s leading business with over 50 years experience supporting Australian manufacturing. Laser cutting is an accurate, flexible and fast method of processing steel components. This process supports a vast range of manufacturing sectors including industrial manufacturing applications, from cutting simple holes to complex geometries and detailed components. This process can applied to either flat sheet steel or tube and other long steel products.

Being Australia’s leading supplier and utilising the latest computerised systems, Unique Metals Laser is able to accept drawing information from clients as CAD files, fully dimensioned drawings, or even by reverse engineering samples. Unique Metals Laser’s internal systems are designed to allows our clients to easily change part geometry with no tooling change. By retaining your laser cutting data, we’re able to recall the latest revision of any job and repeat it with 100% accuracy.

This advanced process offers some distinct important advantages over other methods of steel component processing, such as:

  • Accuracy
  • Intricacy
  • Design freedom
  • Small diameter holes
  • Cut edge quality
  • Speed
  • No requirement for tooling

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Capability &

Laser Cutting Capability

Being a specialist in this industry, Unique Metals Laser have a wide range of capabilities to support many applications.

With increased capability delivered from the world’s most sophisticated computerised technology, this advanced process is more viable today than ever before as a replacement for other conventional processing methods.

Unique Metals Laser’s clients benefit from having access to the most up-to-date laser cutting equipment in Australia which as a result ensures a faster turnaround of jobs with greater accuracy.

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Investing in the best machinery

In recent years through the introduction of Fibre laser technology, the metal processing landscape has changed rapidly. This technology allows for faster processing of components and is less affected by reflective materials. As a result it allows for cutting of products such as thick aluminium, brass, copper and other exotic materials.

Unique Metals Laser has over the past two years, as part of our ongoing machinery rotation and upgrade policy, already invested in several high-power fibre laser cutting machines.

This allows us to continue to provide the very best service and quality, remaining at the forefront in Australia.

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Automated Fibre Laser Technology


Unique Metals Laser have invested in a range of fibre cutting machines that deliver a broad spectrum of capability. Enabling our team to provide solutions to our customers requirements.

By investing in this latest technology, we have the ability of offering automated processing which has the flexibility to accurately cut standard steels and non-ferrous materials in a range of thicknesses. This technology combines high machine dynamics, intuitive machine operation, and advanced automation options to maximize productivity no matter the application.

We’re a specialised metal laser cutting provider supporting a number of industry sectors with the component manufacturing required. Our trained staff utilise the very best CNC laser and folding technology, ensures that we deliver on our clients expectations.

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