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High Definition plasma cutting is an accurate and cost effective method of processing thick and large format high alloy, aluminium and mild steel plate. This technology uses a jet of heated gas to cut through steel materials achieving accurate tolerances (+/-2mm) in materials of up to 80mm.

In addition processes such as bevelling, drilling, tapping, counter sinking, and edge-milling can be offered using this technology. As well as these services, if processing of heavy plate is required, then oxy-cutting is a good option. This process enables a high degree of accuracy when processing large-format heavy plate on our equipment. Because of the benefits this machine offers, it allows the processing of almost any profile in materials up to 200mm thick.

Furthermore by using jigs and other methods, products such as pre-formed items, RHS or SHS can be plasma cut.

Manufacturing advantages are:

  • Accuracy
  • Wide range of materials and thicknesses
  • Large format materials
  • Economical
  • Lower heat input – lower risk of material warping
  • Cut-edge quality
  • Speed

Perth Plasma Cutting

Capability &

Plasma Cutting Capability

In addition to our wide range of capabilities we have the ability to support any plasma cutting or oxy-cutting applications.

  • Component dimensions – maximum 3200mm x 25000mm
  • Component thickness: 80mm (plasma), 200mm (drilling), 200mm (oxy)

Please click the link for full details of our national capabilities.

Investing in the best machinery

Investment in the best available machinery and technology has seen the installation of a fully equipped large format 3.2m x 25m hi-definition plasma/oxy & drilling machine – equipped with the latest high-end plasma source and a fully automated robotic unloading device.

Above all, the advanced technology of this machine allows us to support heavy material processing utilising the full functionality of a 28-station automatic tool library. Cutting, drilling (of up to 100mm holes), tapping (up to 50mm), milling and more services can be provided in the same process. In addition this uniQue machine also provides us with a fully automated plasma bevelling function.

%Unique Metals Laser Cutting%

Advanced Plasma Technolgy


Unique Metals Laser have invested in this state-of-the-art Plasma cutting technology to further support local manufacturing.

This is a heavy duty, combination machine offering precision plasma or flame cutting processes along with the added benefit of machining operations such as, drilling, vertical machining and beveling using the 28 tooling station.

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